Triple Aim Scorecard

Download the current Triple Aim Scorecard here.

The North Carolina Hospital Association and the North Carolina Quality Center emphasize the Triple Aim as a framework for NC healthcare organizations to successfully pursue the shift from a volume to value. To that end, NCHA provides leadership and resources to assist its members in effectively implementing the Triple Aim framework, including the development of a North Carolina Triple Aim Scorecard.

Healthcare leaders interested in moving forward with their Triple Aim work should consider taking the following steps:

  • Work with staff or community representatives to understand how your region performs for the selected strategic areas and associated measures. Which of the strategic areas identified on this scorecard are of most importance in your region?
  • Develop your own Triple Aim Scorecard, aligning where possible around the strategic areas identified in the North Carolina Triple Aim Scorecard. In some cases, your hospital or system may have better or more timely measures for the strategic areas. For instance, your hospital or health system might align with the scorecard and select diabetes as a strategic areas of focus, but choose to use a measure of controlled A1C as a more timely marker of progress.
  • Take an inventory of work within your system to determine whether your health system has ongoing projects for each of the strategic areas.
  • Contact the North Carolina Quality Center (, which can provide guidance in conducting an inventory of projects, developing a Triple Aim portfolio, and/or creating a customized scorecard for your hospital or health system.

In the summer of 2015, a multi-stakeholder panel met four times to give input for a North Carolina Triple Aim Scorecard. The purpose of the scorecard is to:

  • Align and prioritize Triple Aim work, e.g. by encouraging regions to partner around health challenges identified by the scorecard
  • Accelerate Triple Aim work by capturing leadership attention
  • Measure state-level progress towards Triple Aim goals
  • Communicate to legislators and the public that NC hospitals are committed to Triple Aim progress

The stakeholder group reviewed numerous measures and potential strategic areas. Because a key purpose of the scorecard is to align and prioritize efforts, the scorecard was limited to a few strategic areas. Special attention was paid to areas or indicators which hospitals/health systems are able to impact and where payment innovations are beginning to provide opportunities to sustain work in these areas. The scorecard will be updated quarterly.

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